About us

Our History

The cable started operations in 1994. Operation is permitted until 2032. Owner of the assets was always the Swedish Baltic Cable Aktiebolag (BCAB). BCAB is currently owned 100% by the public Norwegian company Statkraft Asset Holding AS. In 2019 BCAB was certified as an independent Transmission System Operator under the German Energy Industry Act.

The Baltic Cable Mission Statement

  • Baltic Cable intends to continue to promote European market integration through providing valuable capacity to the market.
  • Baltic Cable supports the European sustainability targets by improving the exchange of renewable and carbon-free energy through marketing our capacity close to real-time catering for intermittency in generation.
  • Baltic Cable improves operational security by providing reliable power and system services to our connection systems.
  • Baltic Cable stands for fair, transparent and non-discriminatory market functioning and endeavours to continuously improve market functioning through the applications of European requirements.
  • Baltic Cable promotes the cooperation of TSOs on a multilateral, regional and pan-European level.