Translated from Swedish press release, issued 2000-01-11
The weather situation will decide when Baltic Cable can be back in operation

The work to locate the fault on Baltic Cable's 250 km long sea cable between Sweden and Germany, that occurred in the beginning of December, was finalised just before Christmas. The work was complicated by the unusually stormy weather in December

The sea cable slightly deformed
The fault location has however been established through mainly electrical and acoustic measurements. At the follow-up inspection by divers, we have found a part of the cable where a foreign heavy object has affected the cable on a distance of 100 m, according to Bo Nilsson, Baltic Cable, responsible for the repair. The cable has in this part also some deformation (oval shaped) and the outer mechanical protection of polypropylene yarn is ripped off. However, there is no obvious damage such as holes or cuts in the cable. The place for the fault is approximately 145 km from the Swedish coast and is at same level as the northern part of Fehmer sound between Denmark and Germany.

Risk analyse
In parallel with discussions with feasible cable repair vessels, a cost, risk and benefit analyse has been done. From this, it can be concluded that the risks and costs related to a repair during the present season are so significant that they are a major factor in the decision process for an initiating of the cable repair.

From the discussion with the potential suppliers of a cable repair, the repair time is estimated to approximately 30 days plus time for possible days when the repair vessel is laying in a harbour waiting for acceptable weather conditions. It is both wind and temperature that is restricting parameters for starting up the cable repair. To avoid damages on other sections of the cable during the repair work, experts recommend that during the entire period for the repair, it is advised that the temperature should not fall below +5 Celsius. Furthermore, the wind shall not be stronger than 12 m/s. According to SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute), such conditions are rare for the period January - March.

Awaiting adequate weather conditions
Therefore, Baltic Cable has decided to wait with the initiation of the sea operation until there is a weather forecast present that indicates that the required weather conditions mentioned above are fulfilled within reasonable probability. We are presently negotiating with two cable repair contractors with the intention that they can be stand-by to facilitate a fast initiation of the sea operation, says Bengt Ekenstierna, president of Baltic Cable AB.

For more information, please contact Bengt Ekenstierna, president of Baltic Cable AB. Telephone +46-40-256150.