Baltic Cable AB owns, operates and maintains a 600 MW submarine HVDC link between Trelleborg, Sweden and Lübeck, Germany. Baltic Cable AB located in Malmö, Sweden, was established in 1991. Baltic Cable is owned by Statkraft Asset Holding AS (100% of the shares) in Norway.

The company's first task was to design, purchase and commission the HVDC link. A project team was formed in 1991 and organised in three subprojects: Cable, Converter and Overhead line. The total project cost amounted to 2 billion SEK or 280 million USD and the link was taken into operation in December 1994. The main data for the HVDC link are 450 kV DC, 600 MW and a cable length of 250 km.

Advantages of the link
Due to differences between Sweden and Germany, in the patterns of consumption as well as the generation of electrical power, an interconnection such as Baltic Cable has many advantages. The Baltic Cable link makes it possible to pool electrical energy resources in such a way that existing capacities complement each other to the optimum degree.